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Sculpture Stage 2 - Brazilian High Back Girdle - BBL

Sculpture Stage 2 - Brazilian High Back Girdle - BBL

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High Back Sculpture Girdles are ideal for use following Stage 2 - Brazilian Butt Lifts, butt augmentations, and fat transfer procedures.

This garment is made from SuperSilky fabric. This mid-thigh garment features a cotton gluteal backing to ensure the right amount of coverage and ongoing compression is applied during the extended post-op recovery period.

Available in Black

Sizes: XS – 2XL

Health Tip:

Due to long, continuous periods of time that you may need to wear the garment, it is recommended to purchase 2 garments. Having two garments will enable you to always have a fresh clean garment, while the soiled one is being hand washed and dried.

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