Collection: The New You Activity Workbook Journal: Post-op Guide for Cosmetic / Plastic Surgery Recovery

Are you looking for the perfect workbook activity logs in a simplistic manner with Nurse support to help you with your plastic surgery post-op aftercare?

This Workbook identifies all the medical risks and provides all the tools that you will need to take care of yourself as a patient or you’re a caregiver taking care of a loved one. The workbook will allow you to monitor and notice any changes in your patient’s condition or yourself, which can ultimately save a life!

The New You Activity Workbook Journal is a 7-day “How to Guide” simply because we’re starting your journey with you beginning on surgery day. This will ensure proper recovery and will allow you to understand the changes in your body as you heal and properly keep track of your postop journey with a team! You are not alone!

This journal is for any type of cosmetic procedure:
BBL, Tummy tuck, Mommy Makeover, Breast & Lipo
  • Nurse Hotline
  • Preparation for Surgery
  • Do’s & Don’ts of Recovery
  • How to use a Medication Log
  • How to use a Vital Sign Log
  • Waterlog (In-take & Urine Output)
  • How to Drain & Milk a JP Drain
  • How to administer Lovenox Injections aka Blood thinner shots to prevent blood clots
  • How to use an Incentive Spirometer
  • What to look for if you have a history of Anemia, High Blood Pressure & Sleep Apnea
  • And so much more!!!