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Our client coordinator is the initial contact. To reserve your consultation, call our office at 1-770-891-3610 and we will contact you shortly. Our friendly knowledgeable staff can assist in planning your preparation for cosmetic / plastic surgery to ensure a healthy and knowledgeable recovery.

We can assist with travel requirements, airport pick up/drop-off accommodations, car service to pre-op, prescription pick-up, surgery,  post op,  and lymphatic drainage massages. Your consultation will be as thorough and as detailed as possible.

The New You team is proud and eager discuss "Our Recovery Kits," how to utilize the basic medical equipment's to aide during post-op recovery, recovery essentials, recovery attires, Jilo products and any additional questions you many have with one of our skilled client coordinators and/or nurse.

Our coordinators will make sure that all of your questions are answered prior to your cosmetic/ plastic surgery date and after.


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