Recovery Essentials

Lipo Foam is an essential part of your recovery kit, these foam pads are ideal phases for your post-surgery journey.  The use of foam post-surgery flattens the skin evenly and provides compression which will reduce swelling, reduce bruising, absorb fluids and provide comfort and improved recovery, post-surgery. This foam can be utilized under any medical compression garments and under the bra straps to reduce less tension on shoulder.  

Lipo Foam are used after a tummy tuck, liposuction, breast augmentation, chin, thighs, abdominoplasty, hip surgery, cellulite reduction, knee surgery, panniculectomy and more. We recommend purchasing 5 or more sheets at a time.


BBL Pillows is an essential part of your recovery kit, it allows you to sit on your thighs without applying pressure to the buttocks.  This procedure does not allow the patient to sit and/or apply pressure directly to the buttocks. Perfect for the office, car, wheel chair, train, restaurant and when travelling back from surgery on the plane.

Descansa Breast Pillow is an essential part of your recovery kit, for Breast surgery patients it will cradle your breast in luxurious style with comfortable support. The breast pillow is designed to conform women's natural upper body shape while lying face down.  Protects those with or without implants. The fitted openings will help reduce pressure on the breasts and provide comfort after surgery.

Hypoallergenic ivory color pillow case, soft feel, soothing and comfortable. Removable and 100 % washable

Incentive Spirometer is an essential part of your recovery kit, after surgery, it may be difficult to breathe as you normally do. You may notice your breathing changes to small, shallow breaths. This can cause fluid and mucus to build up in your lungs, increasing your risk for respiratory system complications.

An incentive spirometer is a hand-held breathing exercise device to help you breathe deeply. Taking deep breaths allows air to inflate your lungs, opening your airways to prevent fluid and mucus buildup.

Using an incentive spirometer may speed your recovery and lower your risk of lung problems such as pneumonia.

Air leg massager is an essential part of your recovery kit, air compression leg massager, use air pressure to emulates the expert hands to deliver a relaxing massage for your leg, arm and calf. Inflating and deflating to improve circulation, relieve swelling, cramps, leg varicose veins and other symptoms caused by poor circulation.