Our Mission

Our mission is to equip every person with education, convenience and comfort with our post-op recovery kits and essentials.  We want to empower you on the significance of knowing your vitals signs during the entire recovery process!  The family,  friends and caregivers should be better equipped for the journey? 

Collectively, what we realized is that surgery can be exciting, overwhelming and  bit stressful.  So many women and men go through many different channels to obtain the supplies they need for post-operative after care. There are many vital elements go missing due to so many things to remember and/or lack of time!

Thus, The New You Recovery Kit was born through the sources of providing post-op after-care services for recovering patients from across the globe,  post-operative discharge instructions and a few tips from renowned surgeons. 

                    "It’s our passion to equip you, on your Journey, to the NEW YOU”!